At this moment we are using only "Lietuvos Paštas" company services as product delivery method, thus much to Lithuania or any other country.

We send our products using "registered delivery" option, thus shipment will be delivered directly into receiver's or his family members hands. If for some reason it was not possible directly delivered shipment to receiver or his family member, receiver will be informed via letter how and where he can pick up his shipment.

Prices of shipments, that considering their weight and dimensions falls into so called "Small correspondence" or "Large correspondence" category, are listed below. Prices are given including "registered delivery" option tax. Prices of shipments, that do not fit "Small correspondence" or "Large correspondence" category, can be found at official "Lietuvos Paštas" page Postage prices for parcels.

To Lithuania delivery takes up to 5(five) working days, to other countries it can take up to 10(ten) working days.

Small correspondence

Up to 500g weight, max dimensions 381x305x20mm.

  In Lithuania In EU states In other countries
iki 20g 0.97€ 2.84€ 2.87€
20-50g 1.00€ 3.03€ 3.00€
50-100g 1.03€ 3.32€ 3.30€
100-500g 1.20€ 4.40€ 5.43€

Large correspondence

Up to 2000g weight, max size of any dimension 600mm.

  In Lithuania In EU states In other countries
iki 100g 1.26€ 3.88€ 3.70€
100-500g 1.52€ 4.96€ 5.94€
500-1000g 1.74€ 7.24€ 9.85€
1000-2000g 2.14€ 9.56€ 13.61€